Top 15 Worship Albums 2012

Well I know what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks. Worship Leader magazine has come out with their top 15 worship albums for 2012.  I’m working my way through #1, Paul Baloche’s The Same Love.
The Same Love, Paul Baloche
It may take me a while to get through it. Great music, great lyrics. I’ve had to listen to many of the tracks more than once already. Got to admit the man is anointed. So if this is any indication, I’ll be listening to a lot of powerful worship music for quite a while.
I’ve been listen on a site called I don’t know a lot about music sites but you can create playlists and listen to full albums for free. Plus it has a radio like Pandora. I like it, but I can’t find an app for my iphone. Let me know what you think.
Listening to worship music is my next favorite thing to playing it. These songs should encourage you and help keep our spirit focused on God no matter what is going on. I make it a habit of surrounding myself with worship music. I hope you do too. If not it would be a good New Years resolution to make.
Worship on,
Eric T

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